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Mitch Klebanoff


Mitch Klebanoff has sold nearly 40 Film and TV projects, working for Warner Brothers,
United Artists, Universal Pictures, MGM, TriStar, Sony, Paramount, Disney Live Action and Disney Animation.

As a producer he’s produced films in L.A. Vancouver and South
Korea and 40 episodes of television for the Disney Channel.
His writing work led to the produced films: Oceans 11, Beverly Hills Ninja, The
Dancing Ninja, Disorderlies, 36 Hours to Die and There Goes The Neighborhood. He’s
consulted on many more, including A Cinderella Story, The Crush and others.
Recently he completed an adaptation of the New York Times YA Bestseller,
Paranormalcy and a rewrite on a thriller for Rat Entertainment.

In recent years, he’s begun creating short form political music videos. One, DROWN
THE ALARM won multiple awards.
As 2017 begins, he’s signed on to produce the heist film 50, that will be distributed by
Ambi International and will executive produce Tall Tales with Don Murphy.