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Content and Tone


  • Focus on the ways the NBA works with Non Profits and Charities.
  • Tone can have humor but should focus on the NBA making a difference in people's lives.
  • Consider interviewing players or team execs.
  • Video must be under 3 minutes.

Please submit a storyboard, treatment or video by 9/15.

A winner will be chosen by 10/1.

Winner will receive a total of $5000.00 (paid in installments) to complete the video.

Video must be delivered by Winner within 30 days.

All music and image rights must be provided unless in agreement with Contest Owner.

Runners Up

A second and third place winner may be chosen as a back-up.   If chosen, Create For Causes will notify you and if the winner does not deliver the video within 30 days, 2nd place will proceed to complete their video for the prize money.

All winners will have their videos showcased on the website and be available for open assignments.



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