General questions


CREATEFORCAUSES is a community of Non Profits, Charities and filmmakers. We help Non Profits create better messaging by putting them in direct communication with filmmakers, promoting Non Profit video needs, running non profit video contests and funding videos.   Filmmakers can promote their work and find paid work from non profits.

What does it cost?

CREATEFORCAUSES contests are free.   And through our funding program, non profits are able to apply for money to help toward the cost of their video.  Filmmakers can make any arrangement they want with non-profits, paid or unpaid and win prize money to be used for production costs.

How do I get involved?

It’s easy! First, you will need to sign up.   Complete your profile then either communicate with non profits or go to our contest page, pick a contest and enter.

Does it matter where I live?

No. All CREATEFORCAUSES contests are open to any filmmaker wherever they are in the world.


Can I Hire a Filmmaker Directly?

Yes, Non-Profits and Filmmakers should communicate directly and can feel free to initiate any kind of arrangement they wish. All we ask is you keep us informed and let us know your results by posting the video on our site.

Can I Fund My Own Contest?

Yes! Please fill out the Create A Contest forms and let us know what you want to do and how much you want to offer and we’ll help you through the process.

How Do I Apply For Funding?

Fill out the Create A contest form and mark that you need us to find funding for your video. We will contact you to discuss your needs.


How Do I Enter a Contest?

Submit your script, storyboard, artwork, or video by the Contest End date. An upload button will be available on the Contest Page.

What is The Best Format to Shoot?

We can only accept digital video uploads and we recommend shooting in HD because lots of winners get their films shown on big screens, on the web and even on TV ­ so you want it to look good. Don’t use a resolution below 640×480. The frame rate is less important but try to shoot at 30fps or higher. Old school 24fps is great for the movies but not great for TV or the web (especially with fast action).

What is The Best Video Format for Upload Success?

We accept avi, mpg, mov, wmv, mp4 and m4v extensions. Neither height nor width can be odd numerically (eg dimensions of 1023 x 768 should not be used because 1023 is an odd number). Do not export with any black borders and we recommend 16:9 aspect ratio but will accept other ratios. The video frame rate (fps) is not important but bear in mind the intended use – if the brand intends to display on TV then they will prefer 30fps.

If you export your video from video editing software (eg. Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Avid, etc) then we recommend you export an uncompressed file then use the free Handbrake software from to compress the video using FFMpeg compression with AAC Core audio (CBR) audio.

Before uploading, test your video on a friend’s computer that does not have any video editing or special codecs installed. The video should play on Quicktime and/or Realplayer.

We recommend using Handbrake from to compress your video before uploading. It’s free and available for all operating systems.

Make sure your filename is less than 50 characters including the extension!

Can I Use Third-Party Footage/Photos In My Video?

We prefer if all the footage is your own, original work that you have shot yourself. You must not copy footage from any other video you find on the Internet or elsewhere.

You can use footage from a stock collection but you must pay for it out of pocket or with funds received for production costs and have a commercial usage licence that must be submitted to CREATEFORCAUSES upon delivering your final paperwork.

Uploading a Film

How do I upload a Video?

Visit the contest website at: Go to the specific non profit contest page you are submitting for and click on the upload button that will be on the bottom right column of the page. Here you will be asked to sign in if you are an existing member or to sign­up if you are new to CREATEFORCAUSES. It is 100% free to sign­up. Then just follow the instructions to upload or input the address of your film.

What happens once I have uploaded my film?

Once you have successfully uploaded your film you will receive a confirmation email, it will also include the film ID which you will need to include on your release forms. The film will then go through the CREATEFORCAUSES encoding platform which creates a standard judging format of your film. You will receive another email once your video has completed this process informing you if there was any problem or if the encoding was successful ­ this may take 24 hours (or longer during the closing hours of a competition).

A CREATEFORCAUSES administrator will review the video and you may be contacted about any problems or questions. If your video is not suitable then it may be rejected. You may also be asked to re­edit your video and/or re­submit the video.

The CREATEFORCAUSES team will also check to see if you have uploaded all your paperwork correctly, your film will show as pending approval until all paperwork is submitted. When a contest closes it can take a few days for all the films and paperwork to be reviewed. So don’t worry if your film says ‘pending’ for a day or so after you have submitted your paperwork

Once your video is approved, the non profit  will be able to review your video. The competition judging will not take place until the submission deadline has passed. Films that are selected for the shortlist will be emailed within a week of the competition closing. There is no further action needed unless you are contacted by CREATEFORCAUSES.

Help, I uploaded my video twice!

Don’t worry! If you have uploaded more than one version of your film; we will reject any duplicate versions and only consider the newest version for the contest. If you have any queries about this email

Where do I upload the necessary paperwork?

Once you have completed the necessary forms you should login and navigate to your profile where you can find all the paperwork for the contest you’ve entered.  Here you can update them to complete the paperwork.

Can I credit the rest of my team on the site?

Yes, when you upload your film you have the option to include the rest of your creative team at the bottom of the submission page. Here you can note their names (if they are signed up for CREATEFORCAUSES, you can link to their profiles) and note their role.

After submitting my film, am I allowed to share it with the cast, crew, friends, or family website?

You are fully entitled to share your film with your friends, family or crew members via a private or password protected link, however you cannot share it on a public domain. This includes tagging the non profit or disclosing any information on the brief until you are notified by CREATEFORCAUSES that it is appropriate to share publicly.

What does the paperwork contain?

All submissions require various release forms you download after enter a contest. You need to complete the relevant forms and upload them after you have submitted your entry.

What are the different release forms, when are they necessary and why do I need to submit them?

You need to submit these so CREATEFORCAUSES can ensure you have not infringed the rights of any third party. We ask that you provide evidence when you submit your films that any people or other parties whose work is involved or whose property rights are used in your video have permitted you to submit the video to CREATEFORCAUSES. This will also allow the video to be used under the terms of the agreement you will enter with us.

The Talent Release Form must be signed by every person who is involved as an actor or is featured in your video in any way, such as actors, extras or voiceover artists. Such persons will grant you, as the filmmaker, every authorization necessary to allow you to submit the video to CREATEFORCAUSES on the terms of our Filmmaker Agreement. It also provides us with the necessary information needed if your video is later selected for public broadcast by the brand sponsor. This will allow CREATEFORCAUSES to determine the principle actors and/or extras involved in the video and will allow us to pay them a one­time fee as outlined in the filmmaker agreement.

If you are using music files that aren’t in the public domain­ then all rights holders, including composers, lyricists and other possible proprietors in each music track must sign the Music License Agreement. This will permit you as the filmmaker to use their music in your film. Music rights should cover broadcast usage in perpetuity when submitted to any CREATEFORCAUSES contest.

If I’m working on an animated movie do I still need to complete the forms?

Yes, you will still need to complete the filmmaker agreement. If you use voiceover artists you will also be required to complete and return the talent agreement forms, and if you have sourced music you are required to complete and return the music release form as well.

When do you pick/announce the winners?

It can take as long as six weeks to notify the winners and runners up.

I’ve won!! YIPEEE!! What happens next?

Well done! If you got the top spot then one of CREATEFORCAUSES’s team members will call you to tell you that you won and to discuss your prize. If you came in second through fifth place then we’ll send you an email with details of next steps.

How are winners notified?

First place winners will be contacted directly by telephone and/or email before any public announcement is made. All other winners and runners up will typically be contacted by email and we endeavour to inform the winner before any public announcement is made.

I didn’t win. Can I upload my spot on YouTube/Vimeo now?

Yes, you are entitled to upload your spot on YouTube/Vimeo, however you must wait at least six weeks after the contest has finished as the non-profit might want to purchase your film in addition to the winners it selected. If you decide to go ahead an upload your spot onto a public platform, you must remove all non profit assets such as logos, non profit content supplied, etc. .  Films should not be searchable by non profit or content as the brief concept may be used in current marketing campaigns or efforts.

You will not lose ownership of the video solely by submitting it to CREATEFORCAUSES. You do authorize us to display and use the video in connection with our business services. If your video is selected as one of the winners of the contest or otherwise chosen to be used by the contest sponsor, in order to receive payment or other benefits from us you will be asked to formally transfer your full rights in the video to CREATEFORCAUSES.

Can I reuse the video or parts of it for other purposes after submitting it to CREATEFORCAUSES?

After you submit the video to CREATEFORCAUSES, we ask you not to reuse the video or any of its substantial parts for commercial purposes or for any other undertakings of a similar nature until you receive notice from us.  This is because you grant us some limited rights with regard to your film by partaking in the competition. By attempting to use the same video in such ways you may breach the agreements with other people or companies that may stipulate that no one should have pre­existing rights in the video you make available to them. It is in your own interest to abide by this policy.

However, you may keep the video for your personal non­commercial enjoyment or personal reel. Our briefs are current or upcoming marketing directions for our non profits which is also why you need to be mindful of tagging the non profit or content to ensure it does not affect the non profit’s marketing of the same or similar content.

Can I submit content that I produced and made public before the competition?

In order to fulfil the requirements of the competition it’s crucial to produce a video that responds directly to the creative brief. It is also important that any material you submit does not infringe any pre­existing rights of the brand or any other entity or person. Consequently, we ask you not to submit materials that you have made available to others in the past. Often, the terms on which you publish your content elsewhere will prohibit you from sharing it with anyone else anyway. If your video is selected by the non profit sponsoring the contest they will also require the ability freely without interference by anyone else.